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4/21/52 Captain Video [141]

8/8/52 Tales of Tomorrow [141]

5/54 Tom Corbett, Space Cadet “Runaway Rocket” [141]

6/6/56 The Mickey Mouse Club (original broadcast with national commercials!) [1315]

1957 The Mickey Mouse Club: Honorary Mousekateer- Jimmy Fields (22 min, mid-80s Disney Channel version) [781]

10/11/60 The Bugs Bunny Show (PREMIERE) [635]

1961? The Magic Land of Allakazam (2 episodes with original commercials for Kellogg’s): [1305]

   1. Main trick: A hook (a Hula Hoop-shaped ring)

   2. Main trick: Giant birthday cake from a stove

 (NOTE: each episode features a Yogi Bear and Top Cat cartoon) [1315]

2/21/61 The Bugs Bunny Show [2199]

7/22/61 Captain Kangaroo [553]

10/20/61 The Flintstones (S2E6, “The Rock Quarry Story”) [1394]

11/1/61 The Alvin Show [921]

12/22/61 The Flintstones (S2E14, “The House Guest”) [1394]

2/7/62 Top Cat (Ep. 20, “The Golden Fleecing”) [1681]

3/9/62 The Flintstones (S2E25, “This Is Your Lifesaver”) [1394]

10/14/62 The Jetsons (S1E3, “The Space Car”, 1966 syndicated RPT with color commercials) [1390]

12/9/62 The Jetsons (S1E12, “Astro’s Top Secret”) [1390]

1/21/64 The Bullwinkle Show “The Banana Formula, parts 7 & 8, OAD 9/5/62) [921]

11/25/64 The Peter Potamus Show (S1E11, “Courtin Trouble, 1966 ABC Sat. Morning RPT) [1681]

3/5/65 The Flintstones (S5E25, “Fred Meets Hercurock”) (Color) [1394]

6/24/65 Jonny Quest (Ep. 12, “The Dreadul Doll”, RPT, OAD 12/4/64) [1681]

1966 Secret Squirrel (S1E12, “Catty Cornered”, CTV broadcast, OAD 12/18/65) [1006]

2/19/66 Secret Squirrel (S1E1, “Yellow Pinkie” RPT, OAD 10/2/65) (Color) [1006]

1/7/67 The Bugs Bunny Show: “Duck, Rabbit, Duck”/”Cracked Quck” [635]

11/4/67 Journey to the Center of the Earth (Ep. 9, “The Living City”) [921]

11/25/67 Journey to the Center of the Earth (Ep. 12, “Ocean of Destruction”, some ads in color!) [921]

1968 Hey, Cinderella! (Muppets special, recorded on DIS 8/90) [344]

4/13/69 Charlie Brown’s All-Stars (rebroadcast of 6/8/66 premiere) (Color) [140]

11/13/69 Sesame Street (ep. 4) (Color) [840]

1/26/70 Sesame Street (ep. 56) [272]

4/17/70 Sesame Street (ep. 115) [273]

4/29/70 Sesame Street (ep. 123) [274]

1/14/71 Sesame Street (ep. 179) (B/W) [275]

9/9/72 The Brady Kids- “Jungle Bungle, Pt. 1” (PREMIERE, TV Land airing with no commercials) [896]

9/16/72 The Brady Kids- “Jungle Bungle, Pt. 2” (TV Land airing with no commercials) [896]

9/23/72 The Brady Kids- “Double Trouble” (TV Land airing with one retromercial) [896]

10/14/72 The Brady Kids- “Pop Goes The Mynah” (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

10/21/72 The Brady Kids- “Who Was That Dog?” (One TV airing with no commercials) [896]

10/28/72 The Brady Kids- “It Ain’t Necessarily Snow” (One TV airing with no commercials) [896]

11/4/72 The Brady Kids- “Funny Thing Happened On The Way To End Zone (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

11/11/72 The Brady Kids- “That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister” (One TV airing with no commercials) [896]

11/18/72 The Brady Kids- “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Tape” (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

11/25/72 The Brady Kids- “Give Me A Home Where The Panda Bears Roam” (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

12/2/72 The Brady Kids- “It’s All Greek To Me” (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

12/9/72 The Brady Kids- “The Big Time” (One TV airing with no commercials) [895]

12/16/72 The Brady Kids- “Marlon’s Birthday Party” (One TV airing with no commercials) [895]

12/16/72 ABC Super Saturday Movie: Daffy Duck and Porky Pig meet the Groovie Ghoulies (38 min, no commercials) [629]

12/30/72 The Brady Kids- “Wings” (One TV airing with no commercials) [895]

9/8/73 The Brady Kids- “Frankincense” (One TV airing with no commercials) [895]

9/15/73 The Brady Kids- “Teacher’s Pet” (One TV airing with no commercials) [895]

9/22/73 The Brady Kids- “Marcia’s Lib” (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

9/29/73 The Brady Kids- “Ceiling Zero” (One TV airing with no commercials) [897]

10/6/73 The Brady Kids- “Who Believes In Ghosts?” (late ‘90s TV Land airing with one commercial break) [895]

1974 The Hudsons Brothers Razzle-Dazzle Show (first sketch: Vice President Fabulous Fredd, B/W) [910]

1/9/74 Sesame Street (ep. 573) [275]

8/21/76 CBS Saturday Morning: The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show- Robot Rabbit/Claws For Alarm/Rabbits’ Feat, Clue Club: “The Case Of The Lighthouse Mouse” (E2) [270]

9/10/76 NBC Saturday Morning preview special [551]

10/2/76 Saturday Morning Cartoons: Sylvester and Tweety- Trick or Tweer/Hawaiian Aye Aye/Rebel Without Claws, Jabberjaw: “Atlantis Get Lost” (e4) [270]

10/27/76 Captain Kangaroo (Guest: Dolly Parton) [554]

7/22/78 Land of the Lost (rerun of 9/27/75 episode)/Superhorse: Thunder (rerun) [154]

9/9/78 The Kroft Superstar Hour (PREMIERE) [1521]

10/14/78 The Muppet Show (S3E5, Guest: Liberace) [1356]

10/21/78 The Muppet Show (S3E6, Guest: Loretta Lynn) [1356]

11/5/78 The Muppet Show (S3E8, Guest: Cheryl Ladd, airdate based on WJZ airing, includes a WJZ News promo featuring a young Oprah Winfrey!) [1193]

1979 Whatever Turns You On (You Can’t Do That on Television pilot) [1106]

2/10/79 Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Daffy Duck Show (In B/W; Daffy’s Diner (1967)/Banty Raids (1963)/Nuts and Volts (1964))/The New Fred and Barney Show: The Haunted Inheritance (B&W for first 5 min.)/The Pink Panther (Doctor Pink/Bug Off/Pink Pictures)/Schoolhouse Rock: Gravity/Bugs Bunny & Road Runner Show (1968): Lighter Than Hare/Double or Mutton/Mad as a Mars Hare [143]

3/6/79 Sesame Street (debut of Telly Monster) (1257) [166]

3/12/79 Sesame Street (Herry Gets Glasses) (1261) [167]

8/18/79 Saturday Morning Cartoons: The All-New Popeye Hour (partial): “Popeye’s Finest Hour”/“Popeye and the Pest”/”The Treasure of Howe’s Bayou” (partial)/Godzilla (Ep. 10, “The Magnetic Terror, OAD 11/11/78)/Jana of the Jungle (part 2 of an episode where Montaro got bitten by a spider in the first part)/Jonny Quest, “The Mystery of the Lizard Men” (OAD 9/18/64, most) [901]

Fall 1979 Web Woman: The Sun Thief (first 9 min.) [1254]

10/30/79 Halloween Specials: Casper The Friendly Ghost: He Ain’t Scary He’s Our Brother (most commercials)/Witch’s Night Out [998]

1/14/80 3-2-1 Contact (PREMIERE!) [168]

1/15/80 3-2-1 Contact [168]

6/25/80 WCBS mini-Saturday Morning block: [901]

  *Tom and Jerry “The Flying Sorceress”

  *The Bugs Bunny-Road Runnder Show (partial): [901]

    -”Duck Rabbit Duck” (1952)

    -”Trip For Tat” (1960)

11/22/80 The Muppet Show (S5E10, Guest: Mac Davis, missing last couple min.) [1803]

11/24/80 Sesame Street (ep. 1446) (early 2000s Noggin airing) (S12 premiere) [146] 

4/10/81 Strawberry Shortcake In Big Apple City (missing first 30 sec.) [1377]

4/14/81 Daffy Duck's Easter Show (RPT, OAD 4/1/80)/The Bernstein Bear's Easter Surprise (partial close) [1377] [1378]

4/28/81 It’s Magic, Charlie Brown/Puff The Magic Dragon (RPT, OAD 1978) [1378]

11/7/81 NBC Saturday Morning Cartoon block: [1386]


 *Space Ghost: “Devil Ship”

 *Teen Force: “The Space Slime”

 *The Herculoids: “Return of the Ancients”

 *Space Ghost: “The Deadly Comet”

 *Finale: “The Outworlder”

 -Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (S1E10, “The Vengeance of Loki!”

 -The Daffy-Speedy Show:

 *“Music Mice-Tro” (1967)

 *“The Turn-Tale Wolf” (1952)

 *”Good Noose” (1962, rarely seen on network TV!)

11/7/81 Thundarr The Barbarian (S2E6, “Prophecy of Peril”) [2189]

11/14/81 Thundarr The Barbarian (S2E7, “Master of the Stolen Sunsword”) [2189]
11/21/81 Thundarr The Barbarian (Unannounced finale, “Trial By Terror”) [2189]

11/28/81 Blackstar (S1E12, “The Zombie Masters”) [2189]

12/19/81 ABC Saturday Morning Cartoon block: [804]

-Scooby & Scrappy Doo Show:

          *”A Fight at the Opera” (S2E12a OAD 1/24/81)

          *The Invasion of the Scooby Snatchers (S2E13a, OAD 1/31/81)

          *Scooby and the Bandit (S2E13c, OAD 1/31/81)

-Richie Rich: “The Great Charity Train Robbery” (S1E12, OAD 1/24/81) 

-Goldie Gold: “The Return of the Man Beast” (Ep. 12)

-Thundarr The Barbarian: “The Valley of the Man Apes (S1E9, OAD 11/29/80)

4/8/82 The Smurfs Springtime Special (missing first commercial break and partial close)/A Family Circus Easter (missing first couple min.) [1365] [1366]

5/20/82 The Grinch Grinches The Cat In the Hat (off-coloring at times) [1533]

5/25/82 The Muppet Show: Special Guest Carol Burnett (OAD 9/20/80, S5 premiere) [290]

9/25/82 ABC Saturday Morning Cartoon block: [522]

-Superfriends: “Rub Three Times For Disaster” (RPT, OAD 9/22/79)

-The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show:

      *The Little Rascals: Rascals Revenge/Yachtsa’ Luck (PREMIERE!)

      *Richie Rich: Born Flea/The Collector (S3 premiere)

      *Pac-Man: Presidential Pac-Nappers/Picnic in Pacland (PREMIERE!)

1983 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: The Education of a Superhero (S3E3, 6/15/85 rerun, a portion interrupted by a NBC News special report) [170]

2/19/83 ABC Saturday Morning: [1680]

*Super friends (“Battle of the Gods”, OAD 12/9/78)

*The Little Rascals (Ep. 24, “Cap’n Spanky’s Showboat, OAD 10/6/82)

*Richie Rich (S2E9, “Wiped Out”, OAD 9/25/82)

*The Little Rascals (Ep. 26, “Case of the Puzzled Pals”, OAD 9/25/82)

*Richie Rich (S1E7, “Constructo”, OAD 12/20/80)

*Pac-man (S1E11, “Journey to the Center of Pacland”, OAD 10/30/82)

*Pac-man (S1E7, “Pacula”, OAD 10/16/82)

3/12/83 -The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show (missing last 15 min.): [817]

      *The Little Rascals: Tiny Terror/Science Fair and Foul

      *Richie Rich: Busy Butler (S4E12)

      *Pac-Man: A Bad Case of the Chomps (S1E23)

3/26/83 NBC Saturday Morning Cartoons: [2107]

1. Shirt Tales (S1E25-26, “Dinkel’s Ark” and “The Duke of Dintet”, OAD 12/11/82)

2. The Smurfs:

*”The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of”/”A Mere Truffle (S2E42-43)

*Gargamel, The Generous (S1E30)